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  • Photo : Nioxx New Energy - Nutritional Supplement
  • Name : Nioxx New Energy - Nutritional Supplement
  • Description : IngredientsL-Arginine: An amino acid which is the body's key nutrient source for Nitric Oxide production.L-Glutamine: An amino acid which the body converts to Glutathione, and a powerful antioxidant which helps maintain health.Vit C: Essential nutrie...
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    About Nio Health Pte Ltd

    Nio Health Ptd Ltd is a Sole Distributor for Nitric Oxide “New Energy” products. This product is from Nioxx Corporation and it is belong to Dr.Ferid Murad organization.

    In 1998, Dr.Ferid Murad was awarded the Noble prize winner in physiology or medicine for his research with nitric oxide. Dr. Ferid Murad has focused on the commercialization of Nitric Oxide technology and the development of products for the benefit of human health.

    In 2006, he has established a corporation NIOXX (Taiwan) Biotechnology Inc. His Research &Development centre is established in Canada. His organization is lead by Dr. Daniel Chen and a team of expertise for all the new innovation and new technology in developing the new products from time to time.

    Nio health Pte Ltd establishes in Singapore and has granted the approval from Singapore health ministry to bring in Nitric Oxide “New Energy” since 2011.

    Our Mission

    We like to share this Nitric Oxide health information and create more awareness on the necessity of nitric oxide for human health at this new technology world. Dr Ferid Murad and Dr. Daniel Chen recently has published a book about Nitric Oxide magical and miracle mission in our human body. The Book name is “The Magical of Nitric Oxide”.

    This book will have great impact and alertness on recognition on Nitric Oxide and play a major role for functioning in to our human health. It is basically in need of the in take of nitric oxide for our human body when you are beginning at age of 30. When human body is getting older the body tends to loose nitric oxide gradually. Therefore, the body gradually will appear many ill symptoms or signalling from time to time. Then, is time for you to activate the body nitric oxide. So that you can live in a better quality healthy life style.

    To obtain great healthy result. It is best to consume nitric oxide “new energy” at a daily supplement basic. New Energy supplements which is rich in nitric oxide and will bring your body optimum health. It will maintain most part of human body in good health.

    Our Intention

    Why we bring in this product nitric oxide “New Energy”?

    1. This is a branded product. This product is belonging to Nioxx Corporation, Dr.Ferid Murad organization and he is noble prize winner for medicine on the research of nitric oxide.
    2. Nioxx is specialising in Nitric Oxide base on Dr.Ferid Murad and his expertise team members.
    3. We have tried this supplement product” New Energy” and found that this supplement product “New Energy” is effective and improve our health dramatically.
    4. There are many testimonials that we had experience. And we will like to share it to people from time to time.

    We realize the magical of nitric oxide, therefore we think this is a necessity or a mission for us to carry and bring this message and product for the people who is in need.

    About Dr. Ferid Murad
    • Dr. Ferid Murad, Physician and Doctor of Medicine.
    • Professor Emeritus, The University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston.
    • Inventor behind the theory of the well-known drug “Viagra”.
    • Winner of the Albert and Mary Lasker Award for Basic Research in 1996.
    • Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences since 1997.
    • 1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine.
    • Winner of the American Heart Association Ciba Award in 1998.
    • Member of the US Institute of Medicine since 1998.
    • Winner of the Baxter award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences in 2000.
    • Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2007.
    • Dr Murad has also collaborated on over 334 highly acclaimed medical publications.

    Dr. Ferid Murad was born in 1936 in Indiana, United States. Dr. Murad learned from his mother about compassion, generosity and contributing to society, and contributing to society, and this in turn influenced his career choice in medicine.

    Dr. Ferid Murad received his MD and Pharmacology PHD in 1965 from Case Western Reserve University. Since then, he has been engaged in cell signaling research. In the 1970s he discovered that nitroglycerin and several related heart drugs acted as precursors to induce the formation of nitric oxide in the body, and that the gas acts to increase the diameter of blood vessels in the body. Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system, making blood vessels dilate. Nitroglycerin has been used as medicine to treat heart attacks for a long time. It can effectively relieve angina, but its mechanism puzzled scientists for centuries.

    Dr. Murad was the person who in 1977 first discovered that nitroglycerin worked by releasing nitric oxide. This lead to his ground-breaking discovery which showed that nitric oxide (NO) acts as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system, prompting blood vessels to relax and widen. The discovery that the gas was produced naturally represented a new understanding of biological signaling. Today NO is used to regulate blood pressure and fight infection. It helps prevent the formation of thrombi, activities nerve cells, and helps kill bacteria and parasites. It is used to treat heart and lung conditions, shock, cancer (by inducing cell death to combat tumors) and impotence (Viagra was a spin-off from his research). Nitric Oxide basically provides magical effect for all body system.

    In 1998, Dr. Murad was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his search with nitric oxide.